Friday, 1 May 2015

On a cold April morning before the sun rises every year across Australia and  New Zealand thousands of people gather around monuments to show respect and remember the soldiers who died in the ww1. The. dawn parade is held on April twentyfive ( Anzac day ) as this is the day Anzac Troops were fighting in Gallipoli.        B73108 Stratford-Sub-Castle
Oh? quickly lets go to the Immersion assembly or we will be late. When we were lining up
then are teachers told us to walk when we were there we sawed some teachers baking pikelets and other teachers making healthy food my favourite food was the healthy sandwich.

My favourite part of the Immersion assembly was when team four created there movie
creation dressing like superheroes and villains when they were starting their movie it was funny.

My second favourite movie was team threes are teachers were dressing up like childs and they were bored and they did nothing they just sit around.

I was excited and happy to go to the assembly.